What is Agile Doing For You? Evaluating the Value of Scrum to Organization.

An excerpt from a presentation at AgileSocal in Irvine California.  Dr. Dave Cornelius presents the finding of his doctoral research on the value of scrum to organizations based on 32 case studies.

The Value of Scrum to Organizations: A Case Study is based on the recent doctoral research of Dave Cornelius based on the research questions: 1) the perceived value of Scrum to organizations and 2) the role of organizational change management in implementing Scrum in the organization.

The study examined the perceived value of Scrum experienced by the 32 study participants from software companies in 17 industries in which software professionals practiced Scrum and Scaled Agile Framework methods.

This research evaluated the perception of multiple roles that included a) business leader, b) Scrum coaches, c) product owners, d) Scrum masters, e) development team members and f) other roles supporting the Scrum team.