Dr. Dave Cornelius Releases Book – Deliver Value: Happy contributing people, Satisfied customers, and Thriving People

A Game-Changing Framework for Evaluating What It Means to Deliver Value

New Book, “Deliver Value: Happy Contributing people, Satisfied Customers, and Thriving Business” is that rare kind of book that not only clearly explains a series of abstract concepts but is also a pleasure to read. Dr. Cornelius uses fictional stories as modern-day fables to help explain what it looks like to deliver value in the real world.

TUCSON & PHOENIX, AZ. Monday, August 29, 2022 (For immediate Release) — With his latest book, Deliver Value, Dr. Dave A. Cornelius embarks on a journey of discovery on his reader’s behalf, delivering a detailed account of what does delivering value look like in the 21st century – Future of work. A sprawling investigation and narrative brimming with real-life examples, first-person accounts, historical case studies, and fictional stories – including fictional character Ashanti MWendo, the new chief product innovator at a fictional progressive company called Avant-Garde Realities (AGR) — each carefully crafted, told, and curated.

Deliver Value powerfully shows age-old wisdom under the light of a new contemporary setting. In addition to these fictional stories, Dr. Cornelius also shares interviews with four business leaders to provide real-world examples of what value means in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

In this landmark book, Dr. Cornelius takes a renaissance view of the 21st century and future of work.  He explains what delivering value means for individuals, businesses, and our society.  The truth is much of our culture wants value from people, projects, and goals.  Deliver Value is essential reading for every business owner, executive, manager, entrepreneur, and anyone who cares about the future of work.  Dave Cornelius is a business, executive, organizational, and agile coach that has been in the forefront of some of the biggest Transformation initiatives in most industries — he has shared his vision through four (4) previous books and continues to inform and delights his audience with KnolShare with Dr. Dave, a thriving podcast and blog. His newest book, Deliver Value: Happy Contributing people, Satisfied Customers, and Thriving Business, is now available in eBook and print at Amazon.