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Dr. Dave Forbes.com Thought Partner and Influencer


I share knowledge as a thought partner and influencer on the Forbes.com platform.  As an executive and organization coach and learning facilitator, I aim to help people find a path forward.

My recent articles on the Forbes.com platform include the following:

  1. How To Integrate AI Into Your Coaching
  2. Create A Visioning Journey Map To Help Your Organization Thrive
  3. Assign Business Value To Your Program Increment Objectives
  4. It’s Time For Business Leaders To Address Healing—The Missing Piece Of The DEIB Puzzle

Each topic takes a human-centric perspective to enable happy contributing people, satisfied customers, and a thriving business.

Generative Agile Leadership: What The Fourth Industrial Revolution Needs

Traditional leadership models may need to be more effective in the 4IR. The generative leadership approach, focusing on personal growth and a learning environment, is apt for the diverse workforce.

AI and Coaching

AI, when used wisely, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of coaching.

Leadership Vision Journey Map

Leaders should invest time in developing a clear, inspiring vision for themselves and their teams, and communicate it effectively to ensure alignment and commitment across the organization.

Deliver Business Value

We want to view each team as a whole and capable of delivering value for the organization. The generative coaching mindset reduces fear, uncertainty, and doubt, also known as the FUD factor.

Healing at Work

We cannot separate the well-being (or lack thereof) of others from our own, especially in a setting of shared striving like the workplace.