Dr. Dave 2022 Keynote Presentation at the Agile for Humanity 2022 Conference

We are living in a time that calls for Generative Agile Leadership to create space for people to thrive.  Generative Agile Leadership creates high-performing cultures, relevant priorities, and healthy environments for happy contributing people, satisfied customers, and thriving organizations.

What if a change in leadership strategy could transform your business?

At first, such a claim may seem too good to be true. However, generative agile leadership is very real and have the potential to supercharge your workplace. Many leaders (CEOs and managers) who would most benefit from generative agile leadership don’t know enough about it.

Leader’s gain earned influence by modeling the desired behaviors for others to follow, inspiring them to incorporate the leader’s example into their own personal development journey. Through their words and actions, leaders provide the organization with patterns of expected behaviors. The accumulation of those patterns determines the organization’s culture, whether good or bad.

Author Simon Sinek underscores the importance of leading by example in his book Leaders Eat Last with the following:

The leaders of companies set the tone and direction for the people. Hypocrites, liars, and self-interested leaders create cultures filled with hypocrites, liars, and self-interested employees. The leaders of companies who tell the truth, in contrast, will create a culture of people who tell the truth. It is not rocket science. We follow the leader.

By modeling the right behaviors, leaders can transform organizational cultures to be generative (positive, performance-oriented) culture that is required for the Lean-Agile mindset to flourish. Such leaders inspire others to follow their direction and to incorporate the leader’s example into their own personal development journey.