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I’ve known Dr. Cornelius at little over a year and have received coaching from him on professional and Agile practices.  Dr. Cornelius is a great mentor and teacher; he listens actively and embodies a coaching mindset.  Dr. Cornelius is also good at helping facilitate growth for individuals as well as a group.  I along with one of my peers Chris Shipman were nominated to be Product Owners for a new workstream.  He was able to help guide and mentor us to effectively lead the team and really helped both Chris and I grow in this new role.  He is an expert in his field, and I felt he did a great job of building trust and confidence with both Chris and I, as well as the team. -- Heyder, VP Global Infrastructure Services, ITS

Dr. Dave has played an instrumental role in preparing our teams for PI planning by helping us prepare epics and features for PI planning.  He conducted value stream mapping activities with our business team that resulted in the definition of the product Manager roles based on the organization design.  Dr. Dave’s training style is very interactive and open.  He led Scrum, SAFE for teams, and product Owner session both face-to-face and in a virtual setting.   As COVID changed the landscape, he was quickly able to adapt breakout sessions and team collaborations activities to accommodate a virtual environment.  His servant leadership approach has helped to change how our team delivers value to our customers and internal stakeholders.  -- Terrance, Director Services Solutions & Program Management


Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of communications.  Dr. Dave's style is interactive and believes learning requires participation.

Executive & Organization Coaching

Dr. Dave Cornelius is an organization and executive coach known for driving organizational transformation for enterprise clients.

Learning Facilitator

Known for his hands-on and experiential coaching style, Dr. Dave takes pride in delivering immersive learning experiences through lean start-up, design thinking, and agile leadership.

Build Your Skills to Thrive in a Digital and Agile Market

In a world frequent changes, agile skills are needed to survive in a digital world.

For the Agile Team Coach

Be a servant leader and boost productivity by coaching the Developers to be self-organizing and cross-functional.

For the Agile Product Leader

Learn how to maintain the stakeholder's vision while maximizing the value of work by the Developers

Dr. Dave Cornelius Books

My books are focused on leadership, spirituality, and innovation.

Ashanti MWendo's Approach to Fostering Customer Obsession at Avante Garde Virtual Reality

We follow the inspiring journey of Ashanti MWendo as she takes on her new role as Chief Product Officer at Avante Garde Virtual Reality.

A Game-Changing Framework for Evaluating What It Means to Create Value

Deliver Value is that rare kind of book that not only clearly explains a series of abstract concepts but is also a pleasure to read. Dr. Cornelius uses fictional stories as modern-day fables to help explain what it looks like to deliver value in the real world.

Listen to Deliver Value Book Blurb

Belonging is a basic human need. We all need to feel like we belong.

In Belonging and Healing: Creating Awesomeness for Yourself and Others, Dr. Dave Cornelius draws upon the powerful philosophy of Ubuntu to deliver a simple roadmap to building positive teams and relationships, improving engagement and performance.

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